Christina Richmond

My husband and I have had a wonderful experience at Castle Dental.The Dentists are thorough and precise in their work. My husband had several root canals and crowns over the course of several days. We were so anxious but the staff of Castle Dental put us at ease. The Dentists take their time, taking many x-rays and measurements of the teeth resulting in well made crowns that fit the teeth perfectly. All of the staff at Castle Dental are professional, accomodating and courteous. When we return to the area, we will come to Castle Dental again.

May 15,2019


James Drauglau

Great service


I had a bone graft, sinus lift and three implants placed by Castle Dental specialists. The work was painless and the recovery was quick and uneventful. I will return in June for the crowns to be placed and any other work that I require. I was very nervous about going through this procedure but can now say that the work was professional and I am recommending Dr. Beltran and Castle Dental to friends here in Canada.

My experience was positive and I highly recommend Dr. Beltran and his colleagues and staff to anyone who wishes to seek out first class dental care for a very reasonable cost. Having Angelina at the front desk was a special bonus!


I was there to have a retainer made and my teeth whitened for the first time. Dr. Giovani Guillen did a good job. The entire process took 2.5 hours. His attention to detail and to my comfort during the procedures was good. I would return to this dental clinic.

Obtained quotes from two dental clinics. Choose this one due to accurate quote, good pricing, and professional, caring demeanor of office staff and doctor. The receptionist was excellent and it was easy to set up appointment and service was about the speed one would expect in a busy dental office. Everyone was very friendly and helpful.


Very professional and painless, I was very satisfied with the visit and treatment I received. The cost of the work done was very satisfactory. I won’t hesitate to go back for more dental work and would recommend this clinic to anyone.


Very good service.


My family and I reside in California. Since dental care is so expensive in California especially if you do not have insurance, we were open into the possibility of researching and obtaining dental care at Los Algodones, Baja California after seeing a documentary on the news. The main reason was my mother whose procedure here in California was costing us a lot, and after seeing Dentist here we were left with no other option, but to look somewhere else. I did an online research that took a few days that consisted of obtained education, affiliations, credibility, reviews, number of years in practice, and treatment options. I then drove to Los Algodones, Baja California with my family, and I meet with a few dentists to find Dr. Arturo Beltran to be the most knowledgeable, and sincere Dentist. What we had done: I got a cleaning. My sister got a surgical extraction of one of her wisdom tooth. My mother had a serious infection and had the same procedure she was recommended in California for a more affordable price and a great Dentist. One thing I had noticed is that most of the advertised Doctors who practice Dentistry own the business but they have other people do the work for them. So you have several different people working on you, but with Dr. Arturo Beltran it’s different unless he requires a specialized person, and even though he will consult with you and he will update you and let you know the whys of his decision. What you need to know: Dr. Arturo Beltran has been practicing for a number of years. He offered various treatment options. The technology used was good. Environment and location is neat. His wife is a lovely, really nice, and helpful person. If you have any questions about insurance, she is an expert on anything related to insurance. We thank you both.